Mayonnaise with Olive Oil

Lemas Mayonnaise with olive oil is produced with a special recipe especially who want to try new tastes and lover of olive oil.

You can make your recipes even more delicious, especially by using them in tools such as homemade sandwich, russian salad.

Mayonnaise With Lemon

Lemas Lemon Mayonnaise is a mayonnaise that lemon and sour lovers should try with its special formula balanced sourness.

We recommend using it with snack foods such as french fries.

Light Mayonnaise

Lemas Light Mayonnaise is specially produced for people who love mayonnaise but want to maintain their form and diet.

While Lemas Light Mayonnaise helps you maintain your form, it does not give up the taste you want in your food, despite its low fat content.

Mayonnaise With Garlic

Lemas Garlic Mayonnaise is a type of mayonnaise that will please those who love sauces and try new flavors.

It flavors many foods, especially those containing meat and chicken.