Unique Lemas Flavors

The production journey of our company started in 1998 with the production of Concentrated Juices and Turnip juice. Since 2016, our company has established its second facility in Mersin Free Zone on a closed area of 4.300sqm and an open area of 2000sqm and as being Lemas comp. Ltd expanded its product range and its sectoral share with about 50 employees. With our third compony Emtia Gıda We make producing, packing and selling of olive, olive oil, plant oil, jam and types of pulses beside our available products.


Pomegranate Syrup


Lemas Merkez: Karaduvar SB Mh. Mersin Serbest Bölge 11.Cad. No:48 AKDENİZ/MERSİN
Tel: +90 324 235 23 80
Tel: +90 324 231 81 23

Lemas Şube: Özgürlük Mah. Mertoç Toptancılar Sitesi F Blok No:138 AKDENİZ/MERSİN
Tel: +90 3242356423